Tuesday, April 18, 2006

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what are the similarities between laptop and computer in table ?

 laptops have less space and so components tend to be less powerful
- laptops don't tend to have discrete video cards (on the lower end anyway), which means you can't play any recent (like after 2004) games on them.
- laptops tend to heat up a lot more than desktops due to the reduced space available for venting and a serious lack of fans, heatsinks, etc. So their components tend to be, again, less powerful. They always have weaker CPUs and video cards, along with a slower hard drive (5400rpm vs. 7200rpm for desktops).


In just about every other way, laptops are the same as desktops. They all have a CPU and a GPU, some RAM and a motherboard, and except for differences in performance, they are essentially identical.

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