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Little Flower Institute of Social Sciences and Health (L.I.S.S.A.H.)

LISSAH College, 26th Mile, Kaithapoyil P.O , Kozhikode - 673023

Little Flower Institute of Social Sciences and Health (LISSAH) run by the Little Flower Congregation (CST Fathers), located at Kaithapoyil, 40 Kms away from Calicut in the serene foothills of the Western Ghats, the College provides one of the largest portfolios of education, training and research in Social Work and Health Managements


Toyotta Corolla is one of the best selling model in the world. Not only does it feel comfortable to drive, but it's fuel efficient, has great handling, and an energetic acceleration, which makes it not surprising that this is happening





over a cup of tea


ficus glomerata..dry extract is used.


emilia sonchifolia-red pualele -medicinal plant


desmodium trifolium-ayurvedic medicinal plant


patha-cyclea peltata is an ingredient of many ayurvedic medicines.


crateva religiosa-also called the scred garlic pearand temple plant


castor oil plant-ricinus communis.
castor seed is the source of castor oil
which has many uses.


mimosa pudica

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MADIKERY TOWN- A VIEW.madikery is a tourist destination in karnataka.



 Spike Island Wildlife Sanctuary     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Landfall Island Wildlife Sanctuary     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Lohabarrack Salt Water Crocodile Sanctuary     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Defence Island Wildlife Sanctuary     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Cinque Island Wildlife Sanctuary     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Flat Island Wildlife Sanctuary     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Buchaan Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Barren Island Wildlife Sanctuary     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Kyd Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Shearme Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Paget Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Tilanchang Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Narcondum Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     West Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     East Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Ranger Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Swamp Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     East (Tingling) Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     North Reef Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Benett Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Talabaicha Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Point Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Bondoville Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Table (Delgarno) Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Battimalve Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     James Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Reef Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Table (Excelsior) Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     South Sentinel Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Sandy Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Roper Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Pitman Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     South Brother Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     South Reef Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Bluff Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Sir Huge Rose Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Temple Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Ross Island     Andaman and Nicobar Islands    
     Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary     Andhra Pradesh    
     Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve     Andhra Pradesh and Telangana    
     Gundla Brahmeswaram Wildlife Sanctuary     Andhra Pradesh    
     Kolleru Lake     Andhra Pradesh    
     Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary     Andhra Pradesh    
     Papikonda Wildlife Sanctuary     Andhra Pradesh    
     Sri Venkateswara National Park     Andhra Pradesh    
     Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary     Andhra Pradesh    
     Sri Lankamalleswara Wildlife Sanctuary     Andhra Pradesh    
     Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary     Andhra Pradesh    
     Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary     Andhra Pradesh    
     Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary     Andhra Pradesh    
     Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary     Andhra Pradesh    
     Lanjamadugu Wildlife Sanctuary     Andhra Pradesh    
     Pakhui Tiger Reserve     Arunachal Pradesh    
     Dibang Wildlife Sanctuary     Arunachal Pradesh    
     Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary     Arunachal Pradesh    
     Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary     Arunachal Pradesh    
     Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary     Arunachal Pradesh    
     D'ering Memorial Wildlife Sanctuary     Arunachal Pradesh    
     Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary     Arunachal Pradesh    
     Sessa Orchid Sanctuary     Arunachal Pradesh    
     Kane Wildlife Sanctuary     Arunachal Pradesh    
     Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary     Arunachal Pradesh    
     Kaziranga National Park     Assam    
     Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary     Assam    
     Dipor Bil     Assam    
     Garampani Wildlife Sanctuary     Assam    
     Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary     Assam    
     Manas National Park     Assam    
     Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary     Assam    
     Nameri National Park     Assam    
     Orang National Park     Assam    
     Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary     Assam    
     Pabha Wildlife Sanctuary     Assam    
     Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary     Assam    
     Barela Salim Ali Zubba Saheni Wildlife Sanctuary     Bihar    
     Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary     Bihar    
     Gautam Budha Wildlife Sanctuary     Bihar    
     Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary     Bihar    
     Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary     Bihar    
     Nagi Dam Wildlife Sanctuary     Bihar    
     Nakti Dam Wildlife Sanctuary     Bihar    
     Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary     Bihar    
     Udaypur Wildlife Sanctuary     Bihar    
     Valmikinagar Wildlife Sanctuary     Bihar    
     Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary     Bihar    
     Sukhna     Chandigarh    
     Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary     Chhattisgarh    
     Bhairamgarh Wildlife Sanctuary     Chhattisgarh    
     Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary     Chhattisgarh    
     Udanti Wildlife Sanctuary     Chhattisgarh    
     Semarsot Wildlife Sanctuary     Chhattisgarh    
     Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary     Chhattisgarh    
     Tamor Pingla Wildlife Sanctuary     Chhattisgarh    
     Pamed Wildlife Sanctuary     Chhattisgarh    
     Badalkohl Wildlife Sanctuary     Chhattisgarh    
     Gomarda Reserve Forest     Chhattisgarh    
     Indira Priyadarshini     Delhi    
     Bhagwan Mahavir     Goa    
     Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary     Goa    
     Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary     Goa    
     Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary     Gujarat    
     Balaram-Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary     Gujarat    
     Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary     Gujarat    
     Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary     Gujarat    
     Gir Forest National Park     Gujarat    
     Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary     Gujarat    
     Marine National Park, Gulf of Kutch     Gujarat    
     Barda Wildlife Sanctuary     Gujarat    
     Jessore     Gujarat    
     Purna     Gujarat    
     Jambughoda     Gujarat    
     Nal Sarovar     Gujarat    
     Ratanmahal     Gujarat    
     Paniya     Gujarat    
     Rampura     Gujarat    
     Khijadiya     Gujarat    
     Dhumkhal     Gujarat    
     Thol Bird Sanctuary     Gujarat    
     Chautala     Haryana    
     Bir Shikargarh     Haryana    
     Rupi Bhabha Sanctuary     Himachal Pradesh    
     Sechu Tuan Nala Wildlife Sanctuary     Himachal Pradesh    
     Tundah Wildlife Sanctuary     Himachal Pradesh    
     Kugti Wildlife Sanctuary     Himachal Pradesh    
     Pong Dam Sanctuary     Himachal Pradesh    
     Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary     Himachal Pradesh    
     Bandli     Himachal Pradesh    
     Gobind Sagar & Naina Devi     Himachal Pradesh    
     Chail     Himachal Pradesh    
     Gamgul Siahbehi     Himachal Pradesh    
     Darlaghat     Himachal Pradesh    
     Shikari Devi     Himachal Pradesh    
     Tirthan     Himachal Pradesh    
     Kanawar     Himachal Pradesh    
     Churdhar     Himachal Pradesh    
     Raksham Chitkul     Himachal Pradesh    
     Naina Devi     Himachal Pradesh    
     Talra     Himachal Pradesh    
     Majathal     Himachal Pradesh    
     Manali sanctuary     Himachal Pradesh    
     Kalatop & Khajjiar     Himachal Pradesh    
     Lippa Asrang     Himachal Pradesh    
     Daranghati     Himachal Pradesh    
     Khokhan     Himachal Pradesh    
     Simbalbara     Himachal Pradesh    
     Kais     Himachal Pradesh    
     Renuka     Himachal Pradesh    
     Shilli     Himachal Pradesh    
     Karakoram Wildlife Sanctuary     Jammu and Kashmir    
     Lachipora     Jammu and Kashmir    
     Overa-Aru     Jammu and Kashmir    
     Kanji Wildlife Sanctuary     Jammu and Kashmir    
     Gulmarg     Jammu and Kashmir    
     Hirpora Wildlife Sanctuary     Jammu and Kashmir    
     Surinsar-Mansar     Jammu and Kashmir    
     Nandini     Jammu and Kashmir    
     Achabal     Jammu and Kashmir    
     Limber     Jammu and Kashmir    
     Tongri     Jammu and Kashmir    
     Ramnagar     Jammu and Kashmir    
     Hokarsar     Jammu and Kashmir    
     Baltal     Jammu and Kashmir    
     Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary     Jammu and Kashmir    
     Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary     Jharkhand    
     Gautam Budha Wildlife Sanctuary     Jharkhand    
     Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary     Jharkhand    
     Koderma Wildlife Sanctuary     Jharkhand    
     Lawalong Wildlife Sanctuary     Jharkhand    
     Mahuadand Wildlife Sanctuary     Jharkhand    
     Palamau Wildlife Sanctuary     Jharkhand    
     Palkot Wildlife Sanctuary     Jharkhand    
     Parasnath Wildlife Sanctuary     Jharkhand    
     Topchanchi Wildlife Sanctuary     Jharkhand    
     Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary     Jharkhand    
     Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Melkote Temple     Karnataka    
     Nugu Wildlife Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Ghataprabha Bird Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Arabithittu Wildlife Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Adichunchanagiri Wildlife Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Bhimgad Wildlife Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Biligiriranga Swamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Gudavi Bird Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Melukote Temple Wildlife Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Ranibennur Blackbuck Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Talakaveri Wildlife Sanctuary     Karnataka    
     Periyar National Park     Kerala    
     Waynad     Kerala    
     Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary     Kerala    
     Neyyar     Kerala    
     Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary     Kerala    
     Chimmony Wildlife sanctuary     Kerala    
     Shenduruny     Kerala    
     Chinnar     Kerala    
     Idukki     Kerala    
     Aralam     Kerala    
     Peppara     Kerala    
     Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary     Kerala    
     Kumarakom     Kerala    
     Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary     Kerala    
     Bori Wildlife Sanctuary     Madhya Pradesh    
     Bagdara Wildlife Sanctuary     Madhya Pradesh    
     Phen Sanctuary     Madhya Pradesh    
     Ghatigaon Sanctuary     Madhya Pradesh    
     Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary     Madhya Pradesh    
     Karera Wildlife Sanctuary     Madhya Pradesh    
     Ken Ghariyal Sanctuary     Madhya Pradesh    
     Kheoni Sanctuary     Madhya Pradesh    
     Narsinghgarh Wildlife Sanctuary     Madhya Pradesh    
     National Chambal Sanctuary     Madhya Pradesh    
     Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary     Madhya Pradesh    
     Pachmarhi Sanctuary     Madhya Pradesh    
     Panpatha Wildlife Sanctuary     Madhya Pradesh    
     Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary     Madhya Pradesh    
     Ratapani Tiger Reserve     Madhya Pradesh    
     Snajay-Dubri Wildlife Sanctuary     Madhya Pradesh    
     Singhori Wildlife Sanctuary     Madhya Pradesh    
     Son Ghariyal Sanctuary     Madhya Pradesh    
     Sardarpur Sanctuary     Madhya Pradesh    
     Melghat     Maharashtra    
     Tadoba Andhari Tiger Project     Maharashtra    
     Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary     Maharashtra    
     Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary     Maharashtra    
     Kalsubai Harishchandra     Maharashtra    
     Jaikwadi     Maharashtra    
     Painganga     Maharashtra    
     Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary     Maharashtra    
     Chandoli National Park     Maharashtra    
     Gautala Autramghat Sanctuary     Maharashtra    
     Yawal     Maharashtra    
     Nagzira     Maharashtra    
     Chaprala     Maharashtra    
     Bhimashankar     Maharashtra    
     Nandpur Madmeshwar     Maharashtra    
     Aner Dam     Maharashtra    
     Katepurna     Maharashtra    
     Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary     Maharashtra    
     Bor     Maharashtra    
     Tansa     Maharashtra    
     Malvan Marine     Maharashtra    
    Dhakna Kolkaz     Maharashtra    
    Gandhari     Maharashtra    
    Yedshi Ramling Ghat     Maharashtra    
     Wainganga     Maharashtra    
     Yagoupokpi Lokchao     Manipur    
     Nongkhyllem     Meghalaya    
    Bhagmara     Meghalaya    
     Siju     Meghalaya    
     Dampa Tiger Reserve     Mizoram    
     Khawnglung     Mizoram    
     Ngengpui     Mizoram    
    Fakim     Nagaland    
     Intanki     Nagaland    
    Pulebatze     Nagaland    
     Badrama Sanctuary     Odisha    
     Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary     Odisha    
     Balukhand Konark     Odisha    
     Bhitarkanika     Odisha    
     Chandaka Dampara     Odisha    
     Chilika Bird Sanctuary     Odisha    
     Nalbana Bird Sanctuary     Odisha    
     Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary     Odisha    
     Hadgarh     Odisha    
     Karlapat     Odisha    
     Kotgarh     Odisha    
     Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary     Odisha    
     Lakhari Valley     Odisha    
     Khalasuni     Odisha    
     Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary     Odisha    
     Simlipal National Park     Odisha    
     Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary     Odisha    
     Ushakothi     Odisha    
     Bir Motibagh     Punjab    
     Abohar     Punjab    
    Bir Bunnerheri     Punjab    
     Bir Gurdialpura     Punjab    
     Harike Lake     Punjab    
     Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary     Rajasthan    
     Baretha     Rajasthan    
    Bassi     Rajasthan    
     Bhensrodgarh     Rajasthan    
     Chambal     Rajasthan    
     Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary     Rajasthan    
     Garhial     Rajasthan    
     Jaisamand     Rajasthan    
     Jaswant Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary     Rajasthan    
     Jawahar Sagar     Rajasthan    
     Keladevi Wildlife Sanctuary     Rajasthan    
     Kumbhalgarh     Rajasthan    
     Nahargarh     Rajasthan    
     Phulwari Wildlife Sanctuary     Rajasthan    
     Jamwa Ramgarh Wildlife Sanctuary     Rajasthan    
     Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary     Rajasthan    
     Sariska Tiger Reserve     Rajasthan    
     Sawai Mansingh     Rajasthan    
     Shergarh     Rajasthan    
     Sita Mata Wildlife Sanctuary     Rajasthan    
     Sundha Mata     Rajasthan    
     Tal Chhapar Sanctuary     Rajasthan    
     Todgarh Rawali Wildlife Sanctuary     Rajasthan    
     Van Vihar     Rajasthan    
     Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary     Sikkim    
     Fambong Lho     Sikkim    
     Pangolakha Wildlife Sanctuary     Sikkim    
    Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary     Sikkim    
     Meanam     Sikkim    
     Shingba Rhododendron     Sikkim    
     Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve     Tamil Nadu    
    Kalakkadu     Tamil Nadu    
    Karikili     Tamil Nadu    
     Mudumalai National Park     Tamil Nadu    
     Mukkurthi     Tamil Nadu    
     Point Calimere     Tamil Nadu    
     Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary     Tamil Nadu    
     Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary     Tamil Nadu    
     Shenbagathoppu Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary     Tamil Nadu    
     Vallanadu     Tamil Nadu    
     Vedantangal     Tamil Nadu    
     Vettangudi     Tamil Nadu    
     Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary     Telangana    
     Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary     Telangana    
     Kinnerasani Wildlife Sanctuary     Telangana    
     Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary     Telangana    
     Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary     Telangana    
     Pocharam Forest & Wildlife Sanctuary     Telangana    
     Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary     Telangana    
     Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary     Telangana    
     Charilam     Tripura    
     Gumti Wildlife Sanctuary     Tripura    
     Sepahijala     Tripura    
     Trishna     Tripura    
     Asan Bradge Bird Watching     Uttar Pradesh    
     Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary     Uttar Pradesh    
     Chilla     Uttar Pradesh    
     Kaimoor Sanctuary     Uttar Pradesh    
     Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary     Uttar Pradesh    
     Ranipur Sanctuary     Uttar Pradesh    
     Sohagi Barwa Sanctuary     Uttar Pradesh    
     Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary     Uttar Pradesh    
     Hastinapur Sanctuary     Uttar Pradesh    
     Mahavir Swamy     Uttar Pradesh    
     Nawabganj     Uttar Pradesh    
     Samaspur     Uttar Pradesh    
     Okhla Bird Sanctuary     Uttar Pradesh    
     Sandi Bird Sanctuary     Uttar Pradesh    
     National Chambal Sanctuary     Uttar Pradesh    
     Askot Musk Deer Sanctuary     Uttarakhand    
     Binsar     Uttarakhand    
     Govind Pashu Vihar Wildlife Sanctuary     Uttarakhand    
     Kedarnath Wild Life Sanctuary     Uttarakhand    
     Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary     Uttarakhand    
     Singalila National Park     West Bengal    
     Buxa Tiger Reserve     West Bengal    
     Murti Wildlife     West Bengal    
     Senchal     West Bengal    
     Lothian Island     West Bengal    
     Haliday Island     West Bengal    
     Bibhutibhushan     West Bengal    
     Bethudahari     West Bengal    
     Ballabhpur     West Bengal    
     Chapramari     West Bengal    
     Gorumara     West Bengal    
     Jore Pokhri     West Bengal    
     Mahananda     West Bengal    
     Parnadhan     West Bengal    
     Ramnabagan     West Bengal    
     Raiganj     West Bengal    

Jaguar I-Pace -Electric car