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Some indian books on ornithology
Aviculture/Ashok Kumar. New Delhi, Discovery, 2003, 313 p., tables, figs., $32. ISBN 81-7141-730-2.

Avifauna of Kanha Tiger Reserve : Madhya Pradesh/Kailash Chandra, Anil Mahabal, Rajendra Prasad Gupta and D.K. Nema. Kolkata, Zoological Survey of India, 2006, vi, 226 p., plates, tables, $30 (pbk). ISBN 81-8171-127-0. [Records of the Zoological Survey of India: Occasional Paper No. 250].

Biodiversity Documentation for Kerala, Part 11 : Birds/P.S. Easa and E.A. Jayson. Peechi, Kerala Forest Research Institute, 2004, vii, 52 p., $11 (pbk). ISBN 81-85041-55-5.

Biology of Birds/D.R. Khanna and P.R. Yadav. New Delhi, Discovery Pub., 2005, ix, 352 p., figs., $45. ISBN 81-7141-933-X.

Biology of Indian Barbets/H.S.A. Yahya. New Delhi, Authors Press, 2001, xxvi, 170 p., tables, figs., $25. ISBN 81-7273-60-8.

Bird Flu : Health, Safety and Contingency Guidelines/edited by M.R. Reddy. New Delhi, SBS Pub., 2007, viii, 176 p., $30. ISBN 81-89741-38-1.

Bird Monitoring in Terai Arc Landscape-Nepal. Kathmandu, WWF Nepal Program, 2003, ix, 43 p., figs., tables, maps, $14 (pbk)

Birds : Beyond Watching/Abdul Jamil Urfi. Hyderabad, Universities Press, 2004, x, 230 p., 30 plates, figs., boxes, $17 (pbk). ISBN 81-7371-485-1.

A Bird's Eye View : The Collected Essays and Shorter Writings of Salim Ali/edited by Tara Gandhi. New Delhi, Permanent Black, 2007, 2 Vols., 868 p., $70 (set). ISBN 81-7824-170-6.

Birds and Mammals of Ladakh/Otto Pfister. New Delhi, Oxford University Press, 2004, xxviii, 362 p., $44. ISBN 019565714-4.

Birds in Laboratory/M. Prakash and C.K. Arora. 1998, vii, 232 p., photos, $53.

Birds in Sanskrit Literature with 107 Bird Illustrations/K.N. Dave. Reprint. Delhi, Motilal Banarsidass, 2005, xxv, 516 p., colour plates, $65. ISBN 81-208-1842-3.

Birds in Our Lives/Ashish Kothari. New Delhi, University Press, 2007, xvi, 292 p., tables, ills, $31 (pbk). ISBN 81-7371-586-6.

Birds of Andaman & Nicobar Islands/B.K. Tikader. 1984, xxii, 167 p., map, col. plates, $16.

Birds of Arid and Semi-Arid Tracts/Ajit Kumar Mukherjee. 1995, xvi, 303 p., col. plates, $20.

The Birds of Bhutan/Salim Ali, Biswamoy Biswas and S. Dillon Ripley. Reprint. Kolkata, Zoological Survey of India, 2002, 207 p., 22 plates, $28 (pbk). ISBN 81-85874-63-8. (Occasional Paper No. 136).

Birds of Delhi/Ranjit Lal. New Delhi, OUP, 2003, xii, 150 p., plates, $22. ISBN 019565969-4.

Birds of Himalaya and Kashmir/Douglas Dewar. Delhi, Asiatic Pub., 2006, 200 p., $36. ISBN 81-87067-06-3.

Birds of India : Including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Pakistan and Bangladesh/text and photography by Amano Samarpan. New Delhi, Wisdom Tree, 2006, viii, 160 p., photographs, $22(pbk). ISBN 81-8328-029-3.

BIRDS OF INDIA--WITH ADDITIONAL REFERENCES TO THEIR ALLIED SPECIES IN OTHER PARTS OF THE WORLD/A. Colonel Le Messurier. Reprint of 4th edition published in Ealing in 1904. 1990, xvi, 323 p., 180 natural size illustrations, $36.

Birds of India : A Literary Anthology/edited by Abdul Jamil Urfi. New Delhi, Oxford University Press, 2008, xxviii, 386 p., figs., $36. ISBN 0-19-568945-3.

Birds of Kangchenjunga Conservation Area. Kathmandu, WWF Nepal Program, 2005, viii, 82 p., ills., $42 (pbk). ISBN 33-792-4-7.

Birds of Nepal : With Reference to Kashmir and Sikkim/Robert L. Fleming and Lain Singh Bangdel. Reprint. Delhi, Adarsh Books, 2000, 370 p., figs., $45 (pbk). ISBN 81-87138-12-2.

Birds of Northern India/Richard Grimmett and Tim Inskipp. New Delhi, Oxford University Press, 2003, 304 p., plates, tables, $39 (pbk). ISBN 019566828-6.

Birds of Our Country : Their Eggs, Nests, Life, Haunts and Identification/Frank Finn and E. Kay Robinson. Reprint. First published by Hutchinson & Co., London. 1999, 968 p., 800 black and white plates, 30 colour plates, 29 cm., $149. ISBN 81-7622-039-6.

Birds of the Plains/Douglas Dewar. Delhi, Nidhi, 2004, x, 250 p., ills., $25. ISBN 81-902086-0-8.

Birds of Prey of the Indian Subcontinent/Rishad Naoroji. New Delhi, Om Books International, 2007, 692 p., colour plates, $90. ISBN 81-87107-69-9.

Birds of Western Ghats, Kokan and Malabar (Including Birds of Goa)/Satish Pande, Saleel Tambe, Clement Francis M. and Niranjan Sant. New Delhi, Oxford University Press, 2003, xvi, 377 p., colour photographs, $55. ISBN 019-566878-2.

Birds of Western Maharashtra : A Reference Guide/compiled by Anand Prasad. Goa, Other India Press, 2006, viii, 316 p., $25 (pbk). ISBN 81-85569-73-8.

THE WEALTH OF INDIA : A Dictionary of Indian Raw Materials & Industrial Products.
Raw Materials Volume 2B (Revised Series) Supplement : Birds. 1990, ix, 109 p., 47 pages of index in Latin, English, 22 coloured plates, $30.

The Book of Indian Birds/Salim Ali. Thirteenth revised edition. Bombay, Bombay Natural History Society, 2002, lvii, 326 p., 64 colour plates depicting 538 species, $28. ISBN 0-19-566523-6.

The Call of the Hen or the Science of the Selection and Breeding of Poultry/Walter Hogan. Delhi, Asiatic Pub., 2006, vi, 138 p., figs., $31. ISBN 81-87067-75-6.

Classification of Birds/Frank Finn. 1994, xxviii, 180 p., figs., $20.

Common Birds of India/Asad R. Rahmani. New Delhi, Publications Division, 2005, xvii, 106 p., illus., $15. ISBN 81-230-1170-9.

A Contribution to the Breeding Biology of Two Indian Mynas/A.K. Tyagi and B.S. Lamba. 1984, 108 p., 22 plates, figs., $11. [Records of the Zoological Survey of India].

A Dictionary of Birds/Alfred Newton. New Delhi, Cosmo Pub., 2007, 3 Vols., 1088 p., $70 (set). ISBN 81-307-0549-4.

Encyclopaedia of Birds/Arvind N. Shukla and Rajiv Tyagi. New Delhi, Anmol, 2001, 3 volumes, 960 p., $132 (set). ISBN 81-261-0967-X.

Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh, Vol. 26. Birds/edited by Kamal Uddin Siddiqui. Dhaka, Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 2008, xl, 662 p., 4 figs., 670 colour plates, map, ISBN 984-300-000286-0.

Endemic Birds of India : Records of the Zoological Survey of India: Occasional Paper No. 200/J.M. Dasgupta, Sipra Basu Roy and Bitan Kumar Datta. Kolkata, Zoological Survey of India, 2002, iv, 44 p., plates, $17 (pbk). ISBN 81-85874-80-8.

Fauna of Sambhar Lake : Rajasthan. Kolkata, Zoological Survey of India, 2005, 200 p., tables, figs., $80 (pbk). ISBN 81-8171-057-6.

A Field Guide to the Birds of India : Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and the Maldives/Krys Kazmierczak. New Delhi, Om Book Service, 2006, 352 p., illus, $50. ISBN 81-87107-04-9.

A Field Guide to The Birds of Sri Lanka/John Harrison. 1999, 219 p., 48 Colour Plates, $66. ISBN 019-854961-X.

The Game Birds of India & Asia/Frank Finn. Reprint. First published in London in 1911. 1993, 180 p., ill., $11.

Geo-Spatial Atlas for the Wetland Birds of Thar Desert, Rajasthan/Arun Kumar, P.L. Kankane and Q.H. Baqri. Kolkata, Zoological Survey of India, 2006, xii, 206 p., maps, photographs, $80. ISBN 81-8171-123-8.

Handbook of the Birds of India and Pakistan : Together with Those of Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka/Salim Ali and S. Dillon Ripley. Reprint. New Delhi, Oxford University Press, 2001, 10 Vols., 2927 p., plates, maps, $187 (set).

Hand Book of Freshwater Ornamental Fishes/Sarvesh Mathur, L.L. Sharma and A.K. Mathur. Bikaner, Yash, 2006, viii, 272 p., figs., $28. ISBN 81-86882-24-3.

Handbook on Indian Wetland Birds and Their Conservation/Arun Kumar, J.P. Sati, P.C. Tak and J.R.B. Alfred. Kolkata, Zoological Survey of India, 2005, 472 p., plates, $80. ISBN 81-8171-058-4.

How to Know the Indian Waders/F. Finn. Reprint. First published in 1920. 1994, 200 p., figures, $11.

Important Bird Areas in India : Priority Sites for Conservation/edited by M. Zafar-ul Islam and Asad R. Rahmani. Mumbai, Bombay Natural History Society, 2004, xviii, 1133 p., tables, photos, $125. ISBN 0-19-567333-6.

Indian Birds/R.K. Gaur. 1994, 120 p., maps., col. photographs, $46.

An Introduction to Birds/H.S. Bhamrah and Kavita Juneja. Edited by K. Balvinder. Reprint. New Delhi, Anmol, 2001, vii, 216 p., figs., $22. ISBN 81-261-0702-2.

An Introduction to Birds/Gurdarshan Singh and H. Bhaskar. New Delhi, Campus Books, 2003, xii, 242 p., figs., $25. ISBN 81-8030-011-0.

NC Hills : The Enchanting Land and the Bird Mystery of Jatinga. Photographs and text by Dushyant Parasher. With an article on Jatinga by D. Hara Prasad. 1994, 130 p., col. photos, $59.

Natural History of Birds, Fishes, Insects and Reptiles/Barr's Buffon. Reprint. First published in London in 1808. 1993, 6 v., 200 engravings, $198 (set).

Nematode Parasites of Birds (Including Poultry) From South Asia/M.L. Sood. Lucknow, International Book Distributing, 2006, xiv, 824 p., figs., $85. ISBN 81-8189-015-9.

Ornithobotany of Indian Weaver Birds/Satish Kumar Sharma. 1995, 235 p., figs., $28.

Pheasants of India and Their Aviculture/Kunwar Raghavendra Singh & Kunwar Suresh Singh. 1995, ix, 176 p., figs., map, photos, $17. ISBN 81-85496-00-5.

Pictorial Hand Book : Birds of Chennai/G. Thirumalai and S. Krishnan. Kolkata, Zoological Survey of India, 2005, xvi, 196 p., photographs, $30 (pbk). ISBN 81-8171-068-1.

Pocket Guide to the Birds of the Indian Subcontinent/Richard Grimmett, Carol Inskipp, and Tim Inskipp. New Delhi, 1999, 384 p., Illus, $39. ISBN 019565155-3.

Ramsar Sites of India: Keoladeo National Park, Rajasthan/Lalitha Vijayan. 1994, 77 p., col. photos, $11.

Red Book of Threatened Birds of Bangladesh/edited by Md. Anwarul Islam, Mahmud-ul Ameen and Ainun Nishat. Dhaka, IUCN, 2000, xii, 116 p., tables, map, $22. ISBN 984-746-004-3.

Salim Ali : India’s Birdman/Reeta Dutta Gupta. New Delhi, Rupa & Co., 2003, 63 p., photographs, $11. ISBN 81-291-0045-2.

Salim Ali for Schools : A Children’s Biography/Zai Whitaker. Delhi, Permanent Black, 2003, x, 102 p., ills., $11. ISBN 81-7824-058-0.

Shorebirds of Kerala (Including Gulls and Terns) : Pictorial Handbook/C. Sashikumar, Muhamed Jafer Palot, Sathyan Meppayur and C. Radhakrishnan. Kolkata, Zoological Survey of India, 2004, 169 p., tables, $55 (pbk). ISBN 81-8171-047-9.

Splendid Plumage : Indian Birds by British Artists/Jagmohan Mahajan. New Delhi, Timeless books, 2001,149 p., plates, $105. ISBN: 962-8711-13-X.

Stray Feathers : A Journal of Ornithology for India and its Dependencies/edited by Allan Hume. Reprint. First published: 1873-1899. 1995, 12 Volumes, 5691 p., plates, maps,. $653 (set).

Studies on Migratory Birds and their Feeding Behaviour in Corbett National Park/Girish Kumar and B.S. Lamba: 1985, 147 p., 24 plates, tables, $13.
Studies on Some Ethnomedicinal Crustaceans, Fishes, Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals in Relation to their Usage as Drugs Among the Tribals of Sundarban, West Bengal, India/S.C. Majumder and A. Dey. Kolkata, Zoological Survey of India, 2007, iv, 52 p., tables, $11 (pbk). ISBN 81-8171-174-8.

Water Birds/Ranjit Lal. New Delhi, Rupa, 2006, xiv, 190 p., $11 (pbk). ISBN 81-291-0994-8.

Waterbirds of Northern India/J.R.B. Alfred, Arun Kumar, P.C. Tak & J.P. Sati. Kolkata, Zoological Survey of India


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