Friday, July 13, 2012

earn money from mobile phone

SMS advertisements, which used to irritate cellphone users, could soon turn out to be money-spinners with a Bangalore-based firm claiming to pay those who willingly receive the messages., started by three engineers, works on the principle of "permission-based marketing".
"People can make anywhere between Rs 300 to Rs 1,600 per month through this," Chaitanya Nallan, its CEO, said.
"When users get paid by us, whether it is Rs 300 or Rs 500, it can atleast cover their mobile phone bills," he added.
Chaitanya, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, who graduated from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad last month, said the idea originated from Veerendra Shivhare, the Chief Operations Officer of the firm.
The third member of the team is the chief technical officer of the firm, Anil, an alumnus of IIT-Kanpur.
"People generally get SMS carpet-bombed. Advertisers get mobile phone numbers illegally and bombard them with unwanted ads without permission. Veerendra was so fed up with such messages. We hit upon this idea of targeted advertising with users' permission, for which they get paid," Chaitanya said.
"For each ad received, the mobile phone user gets paid 20 paise. They can refer their friends and relatives for which they get 10 paise per referral and 5 paise for every ad their friends referrals receive," he added.


Wednesday, July 04, 2012

how to increase traffic to your blog?

I am not an expert in the subject. There are a lot of blogs discussing methods to increase visitors to our websites. I have twenty blogs, three of them are in malayalam - my mother tongue. This blog MY HANDYCAM  - a photo video blog has about 1000 visitors per day as per my google analytics. In this post I am telling you how i have reached Thousand visitors .
1 - Do not worry about traffic.
2- Do not spend too much time on increasing traffic to your blog, but keep posting.
3- Do not concentrate on getting links from other blogs. You will get natural links from other sites    after some months of posting.
4- Make only five or six reciprocal links, not more than that.
5- Submit your blog to search engines like google.
6- Join entrecard. Entre card will give you hundreds of visitors. You have to spend about fifteen munutes a day for entrecard.
7- Use social sites like Facebook and Orkut to spread your blogs.
8- You can join exchange sites like easyhitz.It will increase your traffic, but will not give you quality traffic or returning visitors.More over google adsense is not compatible with it.
9- Join neobux. You can earn money and use neobux to gain visitors.
10- Join clixsense
11- Join Wordlinx. You can use wordlinx banners to increase traffic.
12- Tell your friends about your blog .
13- Use offline methods to increase visitors.
14- Visit other blogs and comment on the posts, but do not spam.
15- Link to other blogs. Some of them link you back.
17- I had joined mybloglog , blogcatelogue, stumble up on, and technorati for my blog, but I found that it is of no use - will give you 2 or 3 visitors.
These are methods I used to increase visitors to my blog.My target was 1000 per day. I have no intention to earn money from my blog . I can give you free links or banners to your blog.You may call me at +919961466824 or mail at

Sunday, July 01, 2012

trivandrum zoo birds

camera details

from flipkart - i am going to buy a nikon d 90 dslr camera. kindly give your opinion

Nikon D90 is one the first cameras to support HD recording. This camera is an advanced digital single lens reflex (SLR) camera and is powered by Nikon EXPEED processor. D90 has a 12.3 megapixel camera and a 23.6 x 15.8 mm Nikon DX format CMOS sensor.
The Nikon D90 DSLR camera weighs 620g and has a dimension of 132 x 103 x 77 mm. The camera utilizes Fixed eye-level Pentaprism Viewfinder and has a 3-inch TFT screen with a resolution of 920,000 dot pixels. For storage, the D90 supports SD memory card and is SDHC compliant. The camera comes with a rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL3e, which can take up to 1000 shotsper charge.
This Nikon DSLR camera can supports Nikon F mount with AF coupling and AF contacts. The D90 has TTL phase detection system for Focus and uses Nikon's Multi-CAM 1000 Auto Focus Module. The camera offers11-point Auto Focus (AF) with range of -1 to +19 EV (ISO 100). It supports Single-servo AF and Continuous-servo AF modes. The ISO of the camera ranges from ISO 200 to 3,200, while the shutter speed ranges from 1/4000 to 30 sec. The camera also has a bulb mode to give more control on the shutter speed. Nikon D90 has an Auto pop-up Flash and i-TTL for various types of flash such as SB-900, 800, 600 or 400.
Features and Connectivity
The Nikon D90 has scene modes like Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Close Up and Night Portrait. The camera also has Scene Recognition System and Face Detection, which can detect up to 10 faces. The self timer can be set at 2, 5, 10 or 20 seconds. This DSLR camera supports two types of continuous modes: Continuous Low (1 - 4 fps) and Continuous High (4.5 fps). The Nikon D90 supports HD video and shoots at 720p. The camera supports AVI movie format and NEF, JPEG, NEF + JPEG image formats. In terms of connectivity, the camera supports USB 2.0 and HDMI.

Jaguar I-Pace -Electric car